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Who else but ourselves can undertake this great project: lead a life that lives up to our aspirations?

Without an accurate map or a detailed itinerary, a number of exceptional figures have built their own vision of life. Steve Jobs wanted to change the world by combining art and technology. Richard Branson wanted to do business while having fun and living thrilling experiences. Oprah Winfrey wanted to succeed brilliantly in order to influence and help others.

This book invites us to travel through our own story to find our own answers to the meaning of life. Let's recover the spark, rekindle our flame, and discover how to fully enjoy our ideal path.

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Behind the preface of Meaning, Carlos Vaquera writes :

"This book is wonderful food for the soul."

The books of the collection The Attitude of Heroes helps you to find concrete solutions to better succeed in your professional and/or personal life.



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Enough excuses, it's time for action. Set, meet, and achieve your own goals.

How do outstanding figures manage to have success in what they undertake?
What are the common principles of action that they adopt in order to succeed? What would you do if you were directly advised by Oprah Winfrey (Harpo Productions), Richard Branson (Virgin), and Steve Jobs (Apple)?
As a gift with this book: the bracelet of Challenges of Action (ongoing offer)
With the Challenges bracelet, you will be able to better meet and achieve your challenges.
Author of the preface to Action, Philippe Gabilliet states:"We leave after reading these 140 pages fundamentally refreshed and different from the way we had embarked on the reading (...) The originality of Fred's words jump off the page as a truth too long hidden from view, not because it was hidden, but because our eyes weren't yet ready to face it."
The books of the collection The Attitude of Heroes help you to find concrete answers and spur you into action so as to better succeed in your personal and/or professional life.

Testimonials to the benefits of Action:

"I've been wearing the bracelet for the last 3 hours and the magic has already taken effect. Thank you." (Geneviève Nolmans)
"Action will prove to you that you should follow the white rabbit:-) Thank you, it was a great time!"(Steve Van Bunderen)
"This bracelet allows me to remember that I am the heroine of my life." (Valérie Lecerf)
"A kid needs a board to swim; a simple bracelet on the wrist and one's own challenges are also revealed. Thank you for this device, seemingly innocuous, which channels the energy that we are willing to invest." (Xavier Rouby)
"Through the impetus of the bracelet, I made myself a commitment to pick up running again at least once a week (...) Over the last 4 months, I’ve run at least twice a week (...) and just signed up for the half marathon in Brussels." (Philippe Hermant)
"While listening to your presentations (...), I realised that I was missing out on a lot of opportunities. I have since decided that it was time to seize them. I will never be a Steve Jobs nor a Richard Branson, but I manage (...)to put myself in their shoes to achieve my goals. Thank you." (Karl Colin)



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Forget what you think you know about success: success is a question of attitude

Oprah Winfrey (Harpo Productions), Steve Jobs (Apple), Richard Branson (Virgin), or even the author Paulo Coelho.... Some of our contemporaries manage to mark the world of business,multitudes, and History.

What type of behaviour did they adopt to become successful entrepreneurs? What mindset do they have in order to succeed? How can we follow this example and learn from it to develop the winning attitude?

What Richard Branson achieved on a global scale, you perhaps accomplish for your family, your neighbourhood, your community... The impact that Steve Jobs had on his staff is perhaps comparable to the one that you have on your colleagues and professional relationships. The difficulties faced by Oprah Winfrey before fulfilling her destiny are perhaps close to those that you have encountered in your personal life.

What would your life become if you discovered that you had the same qualities as these figures who marked time and History?

By presenting yourself with outstanding personalities as models, discover the personality ingredients and the steps in the process which lead to success and accomplishments.

Will you let this book change your life?