The Attitudes of Heroes

Be the entrepreneur of your achievements: become the Hero of your success

We are all entrepreneurs of a great project we are responsible for: to succeed in life. Nobody is going to do it for us.

Fred Colantonio

Fred Colantonio

A trained criminologist, Fred Colantonio had his career all planned out for him in Belgian public administration. After 5 years of good and loyal service, he nevertheless heard the call of adventure, and the urgency to write his own story.

Without knowing what a company was supposed to look like, he founded a communications/marketing agency that he ran for 5 years. Daring faced with adversity, and determined to succeed, his support work to help develop the visibility of companies ended up paying off and beating the odds. A multi-recidivist author, he published 5 books in 5 years to share his experience and become an international speaker.

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What is a Hero?

A Hero is the person who occupies the lead role in a story. As such, we are all candidates to become (again) the Heroes of our own paths.

Without an accurate map or a detailed itinerary, a number of exceptional figures have built their own vision of life. Steve Jobs wanted to change the world by combining art and technology. Richard Branson wanted to do business while having fun and living thrilling experiences. Oprah Winfrey wanted to succeed brilliantly in order to influence and help others.

What Richard Branson achieved on a global scale, you will perhaps accomplish for your family, your neighbourhood, your community....The impact that Steve Jobs had on his staff is perhaps comparable to the one that you have on your colleagues and professional relationships. The difficulties faced by Oprah Winfrey before fulfilling her destiny are perhaps close to those that you have encountered in your personal life.

What would your life become if you discovered that you had the same qualities as these figures who marked time and History?

Winning mindset + winning behaviour = winning attitude

The attitude of Heroes is an innovative management method for professional success, from the improvement of the entrepreneurial life to the evolution of a career. You might also find it useful in your personal life, be it at the individual or familial level.

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