Do you believe that success always comes to the same people?

In reality, the figures who mark history and the business world exploit the same levers to succeed, and to succeed over and over again. Discover the habits of great entrepreneurs by adopting a winning attitude.

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« With his Meaning conference, Fred will help you give yourself back what is most important: a meaning to your life »

David VallsyMachinant

"Fred is certainly the speaker who has impressed me most during a conference...
I'm sure that he’ll be able to continue to inspire for some time hundreds of people to be the heroes of their lives."

Sébastien Legrain 
Expert in business creation, enthusiastic trainer and consultant

Thank you for the inscription in your 3rd book, which I devoured and appreciated even more than the two others.
Are you thinking about a follow-up?

Claude-Charles André Managing Director of FIRST COLLECTIONS S.A.

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